Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lost Days...

August 18, 2011

Today is my 200th post on this blog. While on the one hand that sounds good, but I decided to do some math (crazy for me I know.) I started this blog last July so I have been writing my thoughts about God’s word for a little bit over a year. So that means I’ve had roughly 395 opportunities to daily pursue my relationship with God through time in His Word. Yet, I have only used 200 of those opportunities, and I have let 195 slip through my fingers. I let other things like sleep, lack of preparation, anger, sadness, sickness, you name it, steal form me those priceless opportunities. I will never know what God had for me to learn on those days when I choose not to meet with Him. I will never know what prayers failed to be prayed because I didn’t have a quiet time on those 195 days. Some might think 200 sounds ok, and I guess it’s better than 0; yet, I can’t help mourning for those lost days. I hope that this time next year I can have a much larger number…may God help me with that!

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