Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Come Away...

August 10, 2011

John 6:1-3

V 3 Jesus went up on the mountain and there he sat down with his disciples

Jesus sought time with His disciples; He took time out of His ministry to be with them. He wanted to do this, it wasn’t simply an obligation. How do we view being with the church? Is it an obligation that we fulfill or is it a desire to be with those who love the same savior as you? Is it a desire to be with those who believe the same as you, instead of those in the world who will constantly battle you for your views and opinions? It should be all of these and many more. We should want above all else to be with our church family. Yet, this isn’t always the case. Many things can get in the way of our worshipping with the body; our lives, our sin, our flesh, even our dealings with the people that make up that body. I would even go so far as to say that even if we are physically present we are often not mentally or spiritually present. It is hard to put aside our-“selves” in order to worship with our fellow believers, but if Jesus during His ministry on earth could “come away” and “sit” with His disciples shouldn’t we do the same.  

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