Tuesday, June 26, 2012

being lukewarm...

June 26, 2012

Isaiah 1:11-20

V15 When you spread out your hands I will hide my eyes from you; even though you make many prayers I will not listen; your hands are full of blood

I read this verse and I get a little bit afraid. Here are the Children of Israel with all their feasts, sacrifices, prayers, offerings, and none of it pleases God. In fact He hates it, calls them an abomination to Him and He refuses to listen to them anymore. Now it isn’t the feasts, sacrifices, prayers, or offerings in and of themselves that makes God hate them, nope it’s the attitude of the Children of Israel. He looks at all they are doing and sees that inside their hearts they are wicked or maybe he sees that they are only worshiping because they have to and not a reflection of their devotion to Him. I’m reminded of the verse where Jesus talks about how He hates the “lukewarm.”  This verse scares me because sometimes my worship is done simply because I have to. That’s not something I like to admit but it’s true, and I’d say it’s true for many of us at one time or another. We get caught up in our lives and we forget what is truly important. We forget that we can be changed by our daily encounters with a Living God. We become “Lukewarm.”

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