Wednesday, July 9, 2014

helper to the helpless...

July 9, 2014
Psalm 10&11
10:14 …to you the helpless commits themselves and you have been the helper to the fatherless

When we look around, whether it’s in more of a world-view way or just in our immediate areas, it’s easy to see that most, if not all, the people we encounter are only out to please themselves. Most have no care whom they trample on in order to get to the top, or even more prevalent at times, to get their kid to the top. We have all experienced this, seen this or maybe in a moment of weakness committed this act of supreme selfishness. What are we to do? The world can in fact be a dark and dangerous place. It can be a place where danger lurks at every corner. Psalm 10 is in fact a chapter dedicated to that. It’s a chapter that tells of how the wicked seek to destroy the helpless. God in His infinite wisdom has provided us with a helper, Himself, could we have ever asked for a better one? Nope…

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