Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going Away...

August 17, 2011

John 6:14-15

V 15 He withdrew again to the mountain by himself

I am always convicted when I am confronted with the fact that Jesus went alone by himself. I’m sure that He did not go for a little “me” time; I’m sure that He went to be alone with His Father. He longed for and missed having time with Him. So, He made a point to leave and go alone without the distractions of His earthly ministry to devote some time alone with God. This is hard to do, and the reason it’s hard, is that we have to constantly battle our flesh that doesn’t want this. However, we know, because there have been times when we were faithful to this in our lives, that when we make a regular habit to “withdraw…by ourselves” and get alone with God; our lives run so smooth. We are able to count the blessings found in each day; we are able to look for and find the happy even in the midst of pain. Why then, and this is always the great mystery to me in my life, do we not make more of an effort to “withdraw…by ourselves”, if we know that it will only make our lives better and be totally worth the effort.

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