Friday, July 22, 2011

His Reputation Preceeded Him...

July 22, 2011

John 4:43-45

When I read this passage I immediately had the thought that our reputations follow us everywhere. Jesus, after staying for a couple of days leaves, why? Not because there are not many who may need to come to know Him but because He realized they would not take him seriously because He had grown up here. It is hard for people to look beyond what you have become because they are focused on what your where. The people of Jesus’ hometown didn’t see the prophesied Messiah but Mary and Joseph’s son, whom they always believed had been conceived out of wedlock. We of course know this was not the case but in his hometown that is what would have been assumed. So, He leaves for Galilee. When He arrives there they welcome Him with open arms because they knew His power from having witnessed it personally at the wedding feast. His reputation with these people being vastly different from the one in his hometown, yet, He was the same man. How important are our reputations? Very, right, yet we sometimes treat them as not being important. We act by allowing our emotions to guide us rather than good sense and may say things that will change someone’s perception of us. And once lost it is very hard to gain back!

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