Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being Alone and Being Known...

July 26, 2011

John 5:1-9

V 9 And at once the man was healed…

To say that this miracle would have changed the way of this man’s life, is the understatement of the century. This was monumental to this man who lived on the edge of society most likely on his own, since he seemed to have no family or friends to help him get into the pool. Yet, he did have Jesus, and as we know this is more than enough. Sometimes that’s all we have too. Sometimes the circumstances of our lives are so overwhelming that there is nothing humanly possible we can do to overcome them; in those situations we are like this man. We are alone with no help to get into the pool. We are alone with Jesus. Actually this is a great place to be, despite our circumstances being alone with Jesus is certainly better than having hundreds of family and friends, yet, Jesus would say He knew us not.

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