Friday, July 8, 2011

What do We Know?

July 8, 2011

John 3:1-15

V 11 Truly, truly I say to you, we speak of what we know…

What do we know? Where did we learn it? I think these are important questions to ask, maybe even more so if we have a background of church in our lives from childhood. Sadly, many things that we might “take” with us from childhood to adulthood concerning biblical principles could be outright wrong or at least skewed a bit. This is hard to accept sometimes because we usually revere the people who taught it to us. It’s hard to accept that they could be wrong about something. Yet, it’s also very important that we handle godly things correctly, and even more so those principles concerning His Word. It’s also just plain hard because it takes studying God’s Word to see where we might be wrong in our thinking. We are called to study God’s Word on our own, not simply to have it given to us through bible study and countless sermons, but to have our own familiarity with it. If we only ever open it on Sunday mornings how will that be enough to know if what we are hearing is true. It’s also hard to accept that the preachers we hear every Sunday could be wrong about something and they could they are infallibly human. Of course, these disagreements should be handled with respect, but that’s not what I’m really talking about here. What I’m addressing is would you really recognize something as wrong in the first place. Is your relationship with God’s word so strong that the Holy Spirit would reveal to you something just a little off in what you hear? No matter how eloquently or maybe wrong and misleading or maybe even a little boring the sermons we hear every Sunday may be, it is our responsibility to prove them against God’s Word to see if they correctly line up with it. That we what we “speak” will be correct.

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