Thursday, July 28, 2011

What are We Teaching?

July 28, 2011

John 5:18-19

V 19 …the son can do nothing of his own accord but only what her sees the Father doing, For whatever the Father does that the Son does likewise…

This verse is of course speaking of Jesus’ relationship with God and how they are one in the same person. However as I read that verse I couldn’t help think about how it might apply to how we influence our children. How we lead them will determine where they go in their lives to some degree. What we teach them to be important will continue on in their lives. For example, when I was younger one of my fondest childhood memories was seeing the house decorated for Christmas. My mom would go all out…there would be garland, ribbon, and Christmas decorations everywhere. It was a tradition that we would go out into the woods to find the tree ourselves. Being a child I have absolutely no idea how long it actually took Mom to put all that up, I just remember the “Ta Da” moment when it was completed. As a result of these memories I’m totally convinced is why I go all out for Christmas too. It’s why I’m a decorating fiend; why it takes me about 2 weeks from start to finish inside and outside. I love it; mainly because my Mom taught me to love it. What are we teaching our children to love?

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