Thursday, July 14, 2011

All Who are Weary...

July 14, 2011

John 4:1-6

V 4 …so Jesus, wearied

To become weary is defined as “physically or mentally exhausted by hard work, exertion, strain…” this is how God’s Word describes Jesus, weary. I think we don’t really pay attention to the many times that the Bible points to Jesus’ humanity. Yet, it’s undeniable that He was fully human as well as fully God at the same time. I was getting geared up to write about the Samaritan Woman since that was the next passage, up until I read, “so Jesus, wearied.” I immediately felt like wow, He got that way to. Have you ever been weary? I think that this is more than just being tired after a long day’s work. It’s more that merely being physically exhausted. It’s the heavy weight of both mental and physical sitting on your shoulders making your knees buckle under the strain. Have you felt that lately? What a comfort to know that Jesus did. Many Christians feel like they have to have it all together, that they are almost too spiritual to get tired or if they do get tired something must be wrong with them. I mean we have God’s strength to pull from do we not. What reason would we have to ever get weary? Yet, here we read Jesus, our Savior and God’s Son, getting weary needing a rest. Sometimes we just need a rest too. Sometimes we must sit beside the road that is our life and drink water. Jesus was of course drinking actual water from Jacob’s well, but sometimes we might need to drink of the living water that is Jesus. Maybe we are weary because our work and life is just hard or maybe we are weary because we need some time alone with Jesus. Maybe we need to just read God’s word for the pleasure of it, so that it will comfort our tired soul. Don’t begrudge ourselves rest; if you are weary sit, and take comfort in knowing that our Savior did too.

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