Tuesday, March 27, 2012

and self-control...

March 27, 2012

1 Timothy 2:9…and self-control

Oh, the dreaded self-control, I mean who likes it? Not me, it’s hard. It’s hard to deny your self what you really want. No matter if it’s a second piece of cake, or to scream, or to stay up later than you should. Take your pick, anything you have to make yourself do that it doesn’t want to do is difficult. Yet, here in His word, God is quit clear that we, as women, are to have self-control. Now, God isn’t saying that only women need it, of course not, but at this moment, in this verse He is addressing women. I think it’s easier to get upset about the differences in what God expects between men and women, than to get serious and change our lives to obey His word. If we are concentrating on what we can’t do and what men can, then we don’t have to battle our flesh for control. God is clear He expects those women who are His to conduct themselves with self-control; can you imagine how much drama could be avoided if we did.

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  1. very encouraging, helpful and needed---thanks Kirstie for sharing