Monday, March 26, 2012

the hard question of modesty...

March 26, 2012

1 Timothy 2:9 in like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel…

Part 2

Modesty, it’s a hard concept to define. I mean on the surface it’s easy, we can avoid clothes that show too much. But it’s more than that I think. It’s mostly a matter of the heart, really. One person can look at a shirt and see a perfectly acceptable article of clothing, nothing wrong with it; yet, another can look at that same shirt and say that it is immodest. Who is wrong? That’s where modesty becomes difficult to define. If a woman, in her heart, before God fully believes that her wardrobe is modest, who’s to tell her it’s not? Can’t any man find something to lust over even if a lady is fully clothed from head to toe?  So, that leads me back to the heart. If I believe, in my heart, that I’m not immodest then what more can I do? If, however, my intention is to grab the attention of every man in the room, then of course, I’m no longer modest; no matter what I’m wearing. So, perhaps we should spend more time examining our hearts than we spend examining our wardrobes because really it’s much harder!

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