Monday, January 6, 2014

being "in Him"…and finding joy

January 6, 2014
Job 33:26 then man prays to God, and He accepts him, he sees His face with a shout of joy and He restores to man his righteousness

In the past two days I have already learned quit a bit about joy. First and foremost what I have learned is that joy is found “in God.” I knew this of course, yet I forgot. As with most of us I’m sure the moment that we get totally involved, enmeshed, in our lives where that becomes our focus we start to lose our joy. It happens little by little. Each day we become “in Him” less and less and more “in us.” Not speaking for anyone else of course but I know being “in me” is no place to find joy. Praying and seeing God…knowing that He will accept you back with open arms, if of course you where His to begin with, will give you true joy that will lead you to righteousness. Only in our journey to sanctification, to becoming like Jesus, will we live in joy

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