Monday, July 2, 2012

the battle...

July 2, 2012

Isaiah 2:11-20

V12 For the Lord of hosts has a day against all that is proud and lofty, against all that is lifted up—and it shall be brought low.

“Yahweh Saboth” is God’s name in Hebrew that means “Lord of Hosts.” This is the name of God that signifies His being in command of the hundreds of thousands of angels in which He does battles. It’s a strong military name. One in which He is the top General in His army. This is the name in which Isaiah uses to describe what will happen to the proud. This is the way in which God will come after the proud; as a commander in His army. As we discussed in Sunday School yesterday, in the Old Testament we see the fierceness of God. Sometimes I think we, as believers and non-believers alike, choose to hide God’s fierceness behind His love. Is He loving? Yes, without a doubt, but He is also fierce in His desire to see His Word lived out and obeyed. It would do well with us to remember that.

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