Monday, July 9, 2012

nothing hidden...

July 9, 2012

Isaiah 3:12-26

V 17 …and the Lord shall bare their secret parts

How would we like that? How would we like God to come behind us and bare to the world our secrets, all our secret sins, desires, wishes, thoughts, everything? Personally, I think I’d rather pass on that Thank You very much. Yet, nothing we do is really in secret is it? For God knows the hearts of all men, including us. I think that we like to, for whatever reason, assume that God doesn’t see us; perhaps we tell ourselves that we and our sin are too insignificant for God to notice. Yet, that is not how God works; He sees everything. His word tells us that He looks too and fro all around the earth searching for the righteous. Don’t try to confine God to a box that He is way too big for simply because we don’t want to acknowledge that our sins are not done in secret.

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