Tuesday, July 31, 2012

being strong

July 31, 2012

Isaiah 6:9-13 7:1-4

V 4 …do not fear and do not let your heart be faint

This of course can apply to anything we have to do in our lives; Christ’s indwelling spirit assures us that we are not given a spirit of timidity. So, of course this can be used in lots of ways, but today my mind takes me to obedience. We don’t have to fear being obedient because of that same indwelling spirit. Being obedient can be hard, scary, and nerve wracking; yet, we can do it, we can be obedient. We can follow God’s will for our lives without fearing what others will say about us. We are able to do this not because of any strength we have but because God’s strength allows us to

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