Friday, June 24, 2011

Being Aware...

June 24, 2011

Proverbs 16:9 The heart of man plans his way but the LORD establishes his steps

Last night the kids and I joined Terry at the FOMNTT (for those not in the know that’s Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail) Legacy Championship meeting. As I sat listening to this well known BASS fisherman speak, admittedly my mind was wondering a bit, I was a little bit bored, sorry Randy! but he quickly caught my attention with this story. What caught my attention was his emotion as he began his story; here this manly fisherman was getting emotional. His story had two parts…

the first part…he told about how in a moment of selfishness and total lack of awareness of others needs he blew off an old friend. As this longtime friend who had been through a very rough patch came up to talk to him, he immediately blew him off because he didn’t have time to deal with him. Two hours later he learns that this man left him and went to his hotel room and hung himself. Wow right! No wonder he was emotional.

the second part…due to a whole lot of things not working out he and his family end up staying in a rent house while he’s fishing in a tourney! As he was rigging his rods getting ready for the next day the neighbor comes out to speak with him. Immediately he was not happy, he wanted to hurry to finish his task, but he talked to the guy. They had a brief conversation that did touch on God and church; through this he learns that this man was an alcoholic and drug addict who had lost his wife and family. In the end he gives this guy a book and they go their separate ways. Several years later he gets a letter in the mail, in that letter he learns that this man was in the process of committing suicide that night but because of their conversation and the book he gave him he didn’t. The man went to a church where he eventually gave his life to Christ and got off all the drugs and alcohol and got his wife and kids back.

Not only did this story touch on my emotions but it also brought to my attention the many times I fail to notice when God brings to me opportunities to make a difference in others lives. How often do we just walk through our lives never thinking about anything but ourselves? How often do our selfish desires interfere with our opportunity to be the light of God in someone else’s life? How often do we allow our hearts to notice the others God puts in our steps?

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