Tuesday, December 3, 2013

being favored...

December 3, 2013
Luke 1:28 “Greetings O favored one, the Lord is with you”

Am I living a life worthy of being named a “favored one” of God? That’s the question that is on my mind today as I read this verse. God, being the supreme, omniscient God that He is knew what lay in store for Mary. He knew what she would have to go through; He knew the trials and valleys ahead of her. Yet, He chooses her anyway; He was “with” her. She was worthy. What makes her worthy? Never having met her, not yet anyway, I can’t say for sure but I can guess. I would guess that she depended upon God for everything. She found her strength in Him. She found her delight in His word. We do know, according to her prayer coming up in a few verses, that she was a young woman who had hid the word of God in her heart. It wasn’t anything within Mary herself that made her worthy. She was, after all, just a saved sinner like any other believer, but it was her strong relationship with God that made her worthy. That total dependence upon Him and belief in His Sovereignty set her apart from any other young woman God could have chosen. Am I worthy of being a “favored one?” Well certainly not on my own, but with a total dependence upon Him I could be!

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