Wednesday, December 11, 2013

keeping watch...

December 11, 2013
Luke 2:8 And in the same region there were shepherds our in the field keeping watch over their flock by night

I love how God in His wisdom included shepherds in the Christmas story. I’ll admit that I’ve never given much thought to shepherds. I mean, apart from this verse in the bible I probably never thought of them at all. It’s not like we have them all over the place here in America. Yet, our pastor several months ago did a sermon series on the 23rd Psalm. They were without a doubt some of my favorite sermons ever. I garnered a new respect for shepherds; not just any shepherd mind you, but “Our” shepherd, Jesus. He is our true shepherd. The one who watches over us at night, whether the actual night in which we sleep or in our darkest days night. He is the one who guides us and protects us. He is the great shepherd.  

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