Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Experience of Vanity...

May 7, 2011

I had an “…all is vanity” sort of experience recently. However, I’m positive that without this study of Ecclesiastes I would not look at it like that. Yet, for me it was an eye-opening sort of moment. I realized, way after the fact, unfortunately. How really vain our lives can be and how very much aware we must remain of this fact? I’m using vain in the way that Solomon intended, really more like temporary, and as such, we should be more careful how we view our lives. How we live each moment judging the important from the temporary. I’m not sure how other people handle it but past mistakes used to have devastating effects on me. I would dwell on them; I would continue to bring them to my mind. As I’ve grown older, and more importantly, closer to God, I realize that God gives us those moments to grow in. Although they are no less hurtful in their aftermaths, I try to not allow myself to bring them up constantly. Instead, I try very hard to not make the same mistakes again. As I stand looking back on my life, much like Solomon, I will have this very real and concrete example of the vanity of life to remind me. Yay me! (said with much sarcasm!)

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