Wednesday, October 23, 2013

we never get away with it...

October 23, 2013
Romans 2:5 He will repay each one according to his works

Sometimes I don’t discipline my children like they should be; I will, at times, allow disobedience, that should be taken care of. There may also be times where I don’t know that they have disobeyed me. I can’t see inside their heart to judge it’s attitude so I don’t know if their motives are always pure. However, God is a much better Father than I am a mother to my children. He never lets any sin go unpunished. We are not allowed to disobey and get away with it. It may look like we are on the surface. It may look like there are no consequences to our sin, both private and public. But there are…God will “repay each one according to his work.” This is a verse that should give us pause both the saved and of course the unsaved.  

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