Wednesday, March 6, 2013


March 6, 2013
1 Peter 1:17 …love the brotherhood

The brotherhood, the Church, the people that Christ died to save; yes, those same people that you see Sunday and Wednesday for years, that’s who we are to love. Sometimes it’s harder than other times. Some people are just easier to love than others. Again, we aren’t really given an out here, just a directive to “love the brotherhood.” I’m sure that in Peter’s day there were some who were difficult to love and some who were easy. I’m sure that were some that he got along with really well and some not so well, but we don’t know it. He didn’t vent about it. He didn’t give a disclaimer when he wrote “love the brotherhood.” Nope, he didn’t. You know what that means? We don’t get to give ourselves an out either. 

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